Photo by Michael Tropea, 2019.

Signature Series: Tiffany Memorials – The Visual Language of Remembrance

This Signature Series is presented in conjunction with the Museum’s current exhibition Eternal Light: The Sacred Stained-Glass Windows of Louis Comfort Tiffany. The two-day event offers a rare opportunity to hear from three world-renowned experts who will expand on the role the Tiffany firms played in creating a culture and ethos of commemoration in the United States and focuses on the development of war memorials in this country and throughout Europe. Dr David Blight of Yale University, Dr. Patricia Pongracz of Macculloch Hall Historical Museum, and Dr. Jay Winter of Yale University will present. On February 22, the talks will be held at The Driehaus Museum and on February 23, the talks will be held at Levere Memorial Temple in Evanston.

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