Courtesy Éder Oliveira and Mariane Ibrahim

The Discovery of What It Means to be Brazilian – A Group Exhibition

The title is an homage to James Baldwin’s famous essay (1959), The discovery of what it means to be an American, uniting recent work of contemporary Black Brazilian artists Jaime Lauriano, No Martins, Aline Motta, Éder Oliveira and Tiago Sant'Ana. The exhibition reflects Baldwin’s views on race, identity traps, and the necessity to free ourselves of myths in order to reveal who we really are. A group exhibition curated by Hélio Menezes. An opening reception will be held on February 1 with several events scheduled throughout the day. See Mariane Ibrahim website for full details. Image: Éder Oliveira, Untitled – Pixel series, 2019. Courtesy of the Artist and Mariane Ibrahim.

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