Spot-On News – Welcome!

Welcome to the first edition Smatterings! This missive is our update on events you should know about. Our purpose is to keep you updated on recent event announcements, events we’ve recently discovered, and events we’ve attended. At the start we should say this site will not provide reviews. That is not our purpose. Our goal is to provide a hub for Chicagoland to find a broad array of events and happenings. If you sign up to receive our email of events, you'll automatically receive these summaries. How to Use Our Site: We’ve divided the site into 8 categories: Theater, Music, Talk, Exhibitions, Film-Photo, Dance, Comedy, and Other. Using our category pages, users can narrow their searches. By Registering with our site, users can save and/or “star” the events that they find particular interesting. Users can then return to the site later to review their selected events. Signup under “Register” and you will be able to use this feature. (Note, email addresses will NEVER be shared with anyone. See our Privacy Page.) We also recommend that users avail themselves of the Tag section at the bottom of the home page. This area is where users can search on particular areas of interest. We’ve included the “Top 30” tags in this section and we hope to expand this feature shortly. A Bit About Our Site: Our database of local events and arts providers is approaching  800 institutions from across northern Illinois. We are a local entity and unlike some sites of this nature, we live here and appreciate the city and the suburbs. Our users and subscribers will help us add to that total. These institutions range from the big-name institutions located in downtown Chicago to local theatre companies . Despite the difference in size and resources of these organizations, their purpose is the same - to provide quality and thought-provoking arts, entertainment, and education. Our Promise: In that spirit this site is dedicated to the artists and people “behind the scenes” who make Chicago such a vibrant home for the arts. To better help you find these events, we hope to make our site accessible and easy to navigate.  We also promise to strive for diversity and inclusion. Our aim is to cover ALL of Chicago and bring events to our users that represent the wide cultural diversity that make our region so strong. In this regard we solicit your help to make this site truly serve the community’s needs.