Spot-On News – Issue No. 3

A heavyweight panel of journalists and a former FBI agent delivered a chilling message at a recent Lincoln Forum panel discussion of corruption and Illinois politics. Web of Wires: Untangling Federal Corruption in Illinois Government was held at the newly revived venue City Hall on Kinzie Street. Mary Ann Ahern of NBC 5, John Kass of the Tribune, Dave McKinney of WBEZ, and Rob Grant, former FBI Chicago office head, discussed the recent news of probes that have hit Illinois pols. The event was ably moderated by Ben Bradley of WGN News.  

Movers and shakers Burke, Madigan, Sandoval, and Arroyo were mentioned during the evening although, at this point, no one has been convicted of anything. Grant recounted his firsthand experience gathering evidence against former governor Rod Blagojevich. Perhaps the only heartening comment during the evening was Grant’s firm belief that Federal investigators are not influenced by local politics.

  The Chicago event was sponsored by POLITICO and in attendance was Shia Kapos who writes an excellent free morning summary of Illinois political news. ( The ultimate takeaway is that the recent news of investigations regarding Exelon, ComEd, red light cameras, casinos, and more will bring us headlines that will fill the headlines in 2020.