Spot-On News Issue No. 9

With an ongoing impeachment trial, a looming presidential election, and two major primaries just days away, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the events around Chicago where one could get a fuller picture on the political, economic, and social issues that course through today’s headlines. There is a wealth of such events and we’ve assembled a top 20 list of talks on the topics: Does Impeachment Matter? at the Institute of Politics. Former White House advisor David Axelrod leads the IOP and although the speakers have not yet been announced, the event promises to be a lively discussion of the Trump impeachment. Election 2020 and the Pulse of the Heartland at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs will bring together an all-star panel to discuss the current thinking on the Midwest’s role in the upcoming election. Among the speakers will be John Austin of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Molly Beck of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Shia Kapos of Politico, Robert Leonard of KNIA/KRLS Radio Iowa and Adam Roberts of The Economist. The Stigler Center at Chicago Booth will host a talk discussing How Do Corporate Interests Impact Politics. Leading the discussion will be Lobby99 CEO Linor Deutsch. Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate and New York Times columnist, will appear at a Chicago Humanities Festival event to discuss economics and politics with Steve Paulson of the radio program To the Best of Our Knowledge. The Medill School of Journalism will host More to Say: Tribal Voices in the 2020 Election. Presenting a Native American perspective will be Mark Trahant, Editor of Indian Country Today. Finally, local politicians will be making appearances around the city. Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza and Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin will be speaking at Lincoln Forum events. Rahm Emanuel will begin his book tour in February at a chicago ideas event. Emanuel will be talking about his new book, The Nation City: Why Mayors Are Now Running the World. An interesting title to say the least. Check out the full list of political talks below.

Image: Nicholas Kristof at the Insitute of Politics

Upcoming Political Events: 2/5 The Presidency and the Bomb with Fred Kaplan of Slate 2/6 More to Say: Tribal Voices in the 2020 Election 2/10 Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin 2/10 Does Impeachment Matter 2/12 Johnathan M. Metzel: Dying of Whiteness 2/12 Anu Bradford - "The Brussels Effect" 2/12 Election 2020 and the Pulse of the Heartland 2/12 Trump Admin's Digital Strategy with White House Digital Officer 2/12 Hong Kong Unrest: Past, Present, and Future 2/13 Mitch Landrieu and Bakari Sellers on Uniting the American South 2/17 How Corporations and Special Interest Groups Corrupt the Political Process 2/17 Border Wars: Inside Trump's Assault on Immigration 2/18 Hong Kong and the Future of One Country, Two Systems 2/19 Race, Racism and the Marketplace - David Crockett 2/19 The Black American Dream with Blair Imani and Rachelle Baker 2/20 Applying Behavioral Science to Increase Voter Registration & Turnout 2/25 Paul Krugman on the Future Economy 2/28 Rahm Emanuel - Why Mayors Run the World 3/11 Dan Pfeiffer on Un-Trumping America 3/30 Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza