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SpotOnChicago News 5/9

May Update: SpotOnChicago continues to adapt our platform to better meet the needs of the arts & culture community. With almost all events being "Virtual" rather than in-person for the foreseeable future, we are now categorizing virtual events under their natural categories/tabs (Theatre, Music, Talks, etc.) rather than exclusively under the "Virtual" tab, which we've removed from the top of our homepage. Under each specific category/tab, events are listed so that virtual events (regardless of any specific performance dates) appear first, followed by in-person events. If you prefer to browse all virtual events at once, you can still do so by clicking the "Virtual" Tag at the bottom of our homepage.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: We’ll be posting many of our new event listings on social media. Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter, and Follow Us on Instagram!

*Events in the World of COVID-19: We do not delete events on our site unless the organizer has specifically cancelled the event. We believe the individual venues will make the appropriate decisions so we will follow their lead. When we display events within our Category tabs, however, virtual events (regardless of date) will appear first, followed by events held at physical locations. We will adjust this practice once the shelter-in-place order has been lifted in Illinois.

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