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The mission of is provide a clear, easy to use guide to the hundreds of cultural events in Chicago and the surrounding cities. We hope to accomplish this goal by limiting our advertising, curating the events we cover, and by being responsive to our website’s users.

Our inspiration for the site was a visit by author Sarah Vowell to promote her book Unfamiliar Fishes. We were fortunate enough to stumble upon a notice for her booktalk and wondered how we could discover similar events. (FYI, if you love history or humor, check out her books at here.) We hope to help our users “stumble upon” events that might have missed but for our efforts.

Ms. Vowell has no affiliation and has not endorsed this site. Her image is used with permission.

Our Principles, Things You Should Know



Our Principles: We promise to respect the privacy of our users, to promote diversity and inclusion, and to promote the tireless efforts of the arts community throughout Chicago who risk their careers and livelihoods in the pursuit of their passion.


We do our best to provide accurate information about each event but details must be verified with the sponsoring entity. Schedules change, events are sometimes cancelled, and event venues are changed. and Spot-On Cities LLC is not responsible for any errors.

Tags: We use tags to further refine the information about each event we follow. In most instances tags will bring you to similar events. Some tags, though, will be unique and will guide you back to the original event. Besides being a navigation aid, tags may further define the event for the user. Tags are also, by their very nature, limiting and narrow by their very definition. We invite comments about the use of Tags at

We list recurring events by their starting date and ending date. Each event may not be performed on each day during that span. Check the sponsor’s website for full details.

Free (Or Nearly): We consider “free” $15 or less. While we acknowledge that this is not “correct,” we wanted to highlight affordable events.

Register: You are encouraged to register on our site to save and star events that are of interest to you.

Notable and Popular Events: We have deliberately avoided “rating” events since we believe the arts have value outside of a rating system. Events we designate as Notable are based purely on personal criteria.

Accessible: We note events as Accessible if the organizers have specifically conveyed this information. Users should check with each venue to determine the Accessibility of each Venue.

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If you know of an event of general interest to the community, please email us at or go to our Contact Page.

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