A Red Orchid Theatre

A Red Orchid Theatre is an ensemble of artists dedicated to the proliferation of live theatre in the modern world. We believe that theatre is the greatest sustenance for the human spirit and approach our work with a palpable sense of social compassion, aesthetic rigor, and honesty. By presenting new plays from all over the world and by reviving insightful works from the past that bear new relevance today, we aim to seek out and build new audiences for the modern stage. Founded in 1993 by Ensemble Members, Guy Van Swearingen, Michael Shannon, and Lawrence Grimm, A Red Orchid Theatre has become one of the leading theatres in the dynamic Chicago theatre scene. We are now celebrating our 27th season, with our 27-member ensemble, a tightly knit group of accomplished actors, directors, designers, playwrights, and teaching artists in the Chicago arts community. It is the ensemble’s dedication and talent that has enabled us to thrive. Recognizing the need to take active responsibility for our role in a burgeoning city and in the internationally recognized Chicago theatre community, A Red Orchid, as an organization, seeks to give back to them through workshops and the support and development of talented new artists who share our passion for thought-provoking work. Our commitment to the idea of producing innovative work that allows artists (both ensemble and non-ensemble members) to grow has made A Red Orchid Theatre one of the most respected small theatre companies in Chicago.
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