Activated Rivers, Stronger Communities

For the past three years, people have been working together to implement projects to activate and enliven Chicago’s riverfronts—from effigy mounds as part of an interactive walking museum dedicated to local Native American history, to public art and wayfinding in Chinatown, to a 400-foot-long mural commemorating the first African-American world champion cyclist. These projects are all aligned with Our Great Rivers, a community vision—with the contribution of more than 6,000 residents—to create a Chicago River system that is more inviting, living and productive. Released in 2016 by the City of Chicago, Metropolitan Planning Council, and Friends of the Chicago River, this vision charts a course for new uses of our shared waterways. Join MPC and hear from three organizations that have started transforming their community riverfronts across our city, thanks to the generous support from the Chicago Community Trust’s Our Great Rivers grant program.

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