Courtesy Kathleen Waterloo and Addington Gallery

Addington Gallery

The timeless element in contemporary art is essential to work featured at Addington Gallery. In a media saturated world, fine art is unique because of its lasting quality, a quality that reflects the time that has gone into the idea, concept and process of creating the art. At Addington Gallery, these qualities manifest themselves in a variety of styles of painting and sculpture, be it representational, abstract, or a combination of various forms of expression. The strength of the idea, its execution and its originality are the signposts that the gallery looks for in the art that it represents. Addington Gallery was originally founded in 1988 as Gwenda Jay Gallery. In 1981 founder Gwenda Jay moved to Chicago and became one of River North’s pioneers as co-owner of Klein Gallery before opening her own space on Superior Street in 1988. Dan Addington’s earliest association with the gallery began in 1993 as a represented artist. In addition to exhibiting his own art nationally, he worked as curator, assistant director, and director of various galleries in Chicago. In 1996, Dan became the Director of Gwenda Jay Gallery, and the gallery moved to it's present location on Wells St. In 1999 Addington became co-owner of the gallery, and in 2007, he became sole owner and it's name officially changed to Addington Gallery. Dan exhibits his work around the country in numerous one person and group exhibitions, teaches workshops, juries competitions, and frequently speaks to groups and classes about his experiences as both artist and gallery owner. Image: Kathleen Waterloo, "Truck Stop Mirage", Encaustic on Panel, 36" x 24"
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