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Anderson’s Bookshops

From the Anderson's Bookshops' website: Our Mission: To share our passion and knowledge of books and build community through great reads, good company, and engaging conversations for all ages. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service through which our devotion to independence, inclusion, and diversity can be felt by all. Our History: Our history dates back to 1875 when our great-great grandfather opened W. W. Wickel Pharmacy in Naperville, IL. Naperville was a small farming town at that time, and our great-great grandfather and his son-in-law Louis Oswald sold books, gifts, and toys in the store. In 1964 our grandfather opened our first official bookstore above the drugstore, calling it Paperback Paradise. Since then we have expanded and moved several times, opening our Downers Grove store in 1980 and a children’s wholesale warehouse bookfair company, Anderson’s Bookfair Company (ABCFairs), in 1982, now located in Aurora. In 2015 we opened our La Grange store and in 2016 Anderson’s Toyshop in Naperville.
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