Courtesy: The Actors Fund

Hump Day – With Emily Hampshire

The Actors Fund has teamed up with Schitt’s Creek star, award-winning actress and Screen Actors Guild® Nominee Emily Hampshire for a new weekly live-streamed talk show HUMPDAY WITH HAMPSHIRE! Every Wednesday at 2 pm PT/5 pm ET on The Actors Fund YouTube channel will feature virtual interviews with celebrities in their natural habitats—be it their bedrooms, kitchens, garages or closets. They’ll share advice on how to get through this unprecedented time with humor and kindness—and your sanity intact. This innovative, genre-busting series will raise money for emergency financial assistance and other services for entertainment and performing arts professionals who have been impacted by COVID-19. The show will live-stream weekly until film, tv and theater productions are back up and running. HUMPDAY WITH HAMPSHIRE will also feature quarantine-themed games including “Show Us Your Junk (Drawer)”, “What is your quarROUTINE”, and “Phone a Friend Roulette". Upcoming celebrity guests will include some of Emily’s famous friends and co-stars from TV, film, sports and social media. And all proceeds from viewer donations will go directly to The Actors Fund.
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