Mike Phillips

World-renowned saxophonist Mike Phillips is known as one of the most electrifying instrumentalists today. His solo albums You Have Reached Mike Phillips, Uncommon Denominator and MP3, all debuted in the Top #5 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts. His long-awaited new album Pulling Off The Covers was released earlier this year. Phillips is the first musician signed by Michael Jordan to the Nike Jordan Brand, home of the Air Jordan, and is the only musician in the world to have recorded and toured with the legendary “Big Three” of American soul and pop music: Michael Jackson, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. He toured for nearly two years as part of the band for Michael Jackson IMMORTAL world tour by Cirque du Soleil. His version of the National Anthem during the 2016 NFC Championship game was deemed one of the best anthems ever done instrumentally and now is known as the “Saxthem.”

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