Photo by Michael Brosilow

The Happiest Place on Earth by Phillip Dawkings

Available for streaming throughout the spring, winner of the 2017 Jeff Award for Solo Performance, Dawkins’ autobiographical work was hailed by critics as “exceptional” and “witty and heartbreaking,” taking audiences on an intimate journey through the lens of one unhappy family to the “happiest place on earth.”

Once upon a time in an Anaheim, California orange grove, a magical kingdom was built and dedicated to America’s history, dreams and wildest hopes. Eight years later, one family’s American prince died on live television while delivering the Albuquerque sports scores, leaving his four daughters and their mother behind. Left reeling from the loss of their patriarch, the family underwent a quest to reach the magical kingdom and seek solace and recovery. Now, more than fifty years after their journey, acclaimed playwright Philip Dawkins retraces and illustrates the true story of the women in his family, exploring their history and asking if there really is a place where the dream that we wish can come true.
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