The Stories We Choose Not To Tell

About The Stories We Choose Not To Tell: Hope can come from unlikely places...Angela is at a crossroads. New life and new death, discovering she is pregnant just as her beloved Obachan, Aiko, passes away. Paralyzed by the gravity of these two events happening at the same time, Angela floats through Aiko's wake like a ghost. Unexpectedly, Angela's Auntie Pamela gifts her a box filled with family heirlooms, including tape recordings of her Obachan describing her time in the Japanese incarceration camps, and journals dating back to the 1970s written by her mother, Judith...About Kelly Fumiko Weiss: Chicago is Kelly's favorite city in the world and she is proud to call it home. She lives in the Lincoln Square neighborhood with her husband and daughter. She's also been fortunate enough to live in several cities, including two years in her beloved Hong Kong.

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