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April 18: The Music of the Night – Is Silent…for Now. Whatever your opinion of Phantom of the Opera and Andrew Lloyd Webber, you might want to check out The Show Must Go On. Every Friday, a different Webber musical will be livestreamed for 48 hours. This week the stream is the 25th anniversary staging of Phantom from Royal Albert Hall in 2011. Nothing was held back and over 200 actors, musicians, and dancers appeared on stage. If nothing else, this performance reminds us of the magic of a live performance as well as the vast number of actors, musicians, stagehands, set designers, and the like whose talents have been put on hold by the pandemic. Along these lines, a benefit will be held on Sunday April 19 at 6:00 pm to benefit the Chicago theatre community. CHICAGO OFFSTAGE: LIVE AT HOME is sponsored by Season of Concern. The non-profit was "founded in 1987 to support Chicago theater practitioners afflicted with AIDS and AIDS-related illnesses.” Highlights from recently announced Virtual events include: the late Brian Dennehy’s film Driveways, benefitting Wilmette Theatre; Pete Buttigieg being interviewed by David Axelrod in a discussion hosted by the Institute of Politics; Michael Shannon reading the children’s book Frederick; the play and related discussion of The Soap Myth starring Ed Asner; and Veronica Roth, the author and Barrington native, discussing her work in a talk produced by the Chicago Humanities Festival. Additionally, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs are presenting several important talks in the coming days discussing the impact of COVID-19 on American society. Use the Tag COVID to access these talks. Image by Rob Laughter Just Added Virtual Events:
Date Event Category
-- Michael Shannon - Reading "Frederick, A Virtual Puppet Performance" Virtual
-- Steppenwolf Theatre - 25 Years on the Edge Virtual
-- The Figure in Solitude - Online Exhibition Virtual
-- Chicago Sinfonietta: 2020 MLK Tribute Concert Virtual
-- Next: A Virtual Art Exhibition from Studio Oh! Virtual
-- Brian Dennehy in Driveways - For Wilmette Theatre Virtual
-- Music Box Theatre Presents: Incitement Virtual
-- Facets Virtual Cinema - Heimat Is a Space in Time Virtual
4/19 Butterfly | Online Virtual
4/19 CHICAGO OFFSTAGE!  To Aid the Theatre Community Virtual
4/20 Ed Asner in The Soap Myth Virtual
4/20 Eric Peter Schwartz - Streaming Live - The Venue Virtual
4/20 WHO COVID-19: Lessons in Leadership Virtual
4/21 Thinking AIDS, COVID-19: Political Responses… Virtual
4/21 Veronica Roth: Chosen Ones | YouTube Live Virtual
4/22 Art Deco Skyscrapers - Chicago Architecture Center Virtual
4/22 Kevin Scott: Reprogramming the American Dream Virtual
4/22 Pete Buttigieg and The Democrats' Path Forward Virtual
4/23 Jazz Festing in Place - The New Orleans Jazz Fest Virtual
4/24 Art in Lockdown with Tony Tasset & Michelle Grabner Virtual
4/25 The Rise of the Skyscraper - Chicago Arch. Center Virtual
4/28 Global Health, Human an Era of COVID-19 Virtual
4/28 Louder Than a Bomb Virtual Q&A Virtual
4/28 Money in Politics, COVID-19, Future of Democracy Virtual
5/1 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Kickoff Virtual
5/5 Decision Making in Humanitarian Crises Virtual
5/11 The US Political System and Pandemic Threats Virtual
5/17 Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema - Streaming Virtual
5/21 Grown Folks Stories: Virtual Edition - Two Dates Virtual